It was my job, aged five, to gather rose petals  to make jam. The silky soft petals, sparkling with dew, came away easily in my hand, and landed gently on the bottom of my wicker basket. My grandmother covered them in sugar and blended them into a thick magenta paste. Their rosy fragrance would linger on my fingers for the rest of the day - a true perfume of summer’.  Beata Zatorska

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3 or 4 large handfuls of fresh rose petals

1/2 kg (roughly 1lb) Sugar

Gather the wild rose petals in the morning, before they have been in the sun too long and released their fragrance.

Place them in a stone mortar or makutra. Slowly pour in the sugar and use the pestle  to crush the petals together with the sugar. The juice in the petals will gradually blend with the sugar into a deep red, thick paste. No further cooking needed. The jam can be preserved in sterilized jars for up to two years.